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I've had an incredible weekend. Guess I was a late bloomer or something because I'm completely overwhelmed and flattered by the amount of attention I'm getting from men. How am I supposed to choose who to date?

Had a great date yesterday with a really sweet guy. I'll call him IT guy. He walked in on his ex banging another dude last VDAY. He can meet my need for affection, admiration for sure. He's open and honest, and I know he won't cheat. He also doesn 't have kids- but was raising his ex's son which I like. I think I would like him better if he was in a bit better shape. I usually date skinny guys and he's got a little more than I'm used to. He seems really vulnerable though and I'm worried I might hurt him. I get the vibe from him that he thinks I'm out of his league. Which makes me wonder- am I? I need to have a chat with him about my plans to date around. I don't think he's going to like that. He would be a very convenient boyfriend, but I'm going to try to avoid that since that was my pattern in the past. We've got another date on Thursday.

Then I have a whole handful of other guys also vying for my attention. I like different things about each of them. How do you pick who to date?

Personally, i would be hesitant to date anyone just out of a marriage.

Also make sure you verify these people are divorced.
A lot of people lie. You can check their names on the court websites