Thanks Sad!

I haven't dated since college. I've had three boyfriends one of which became my husband. I have ALOT to learn about dating lol!

I talked with IT guy about dating others. He's not thrilled but he understands.

Thanks for the reminder to check the court records.

Jedi- I kind of like that IT guy and I are both newly divorced. We are kinda going through the same things at the same time.

I've also got another guy to date-sales guy. It may be awhile until I see him
Since I will be out of town on my next kid free weekend.

What experiences have you had with online dating? Any favorite sites? I need to get some pictures together. I just cut 17 inches off my hair to donate, so I need some new pics!

BS-me 35
DS- 3.5 yrs old
DD 2 yrs old
Married for eleven years, together for fifteen
DDay August 2012 Found inappropriate text message
12/7/12 knew for sure he was sexting with men
12/9/12 Partial exposure, and truth about PA's revealed by WH
12/19/12 Full exposure
1/9/13 Plan B
Jan 2013 filed for divorce
1/27/2014 Divorce finalized