1 Timothy 2:5-6 (NLT)
5 For there is only one God and one Mediator who can reconcile God and humanity�the man Christ Jesus. 6 He gave his life to purchase freedom for everyone. This is the message God gave to the world at just the right time.

The apostle comments that God�s message of salvation was given just at the right time to the world; a time when verbal and written communication was at a strongpoint and the words of others were spread far by travelers and merchants. The apostle points out that there is only one God through which salvation comes and there is only one Mediator, our savior Jesus Christ that can reconcile us to God.

[In 1740 the Skitswish, a small Native American tribe in northern Idaho, had a prophet/chief named Circling Raven of whom it was said he could communicate with crows and ravens. On Solstice Day of 1740, Crow and Raven told the chief that in a land far away, the Creator, who also became the Savior of the world, had been born as a man on that night long, long ago. Circling Raven told his people they should celebrate this savior's birthday by giving extra sweets and gifts to the children. He also said that the Skitwish should not fight with each other or even with their enemies during the period before and after this day.

In addition, Raven told him that within 100 years men clothed in black robes would arrive with more news about the Creator's son and the world's savior. For the rest of his life, Circling Raven searched for the Black Robes. He died never having found them. His son, Twisted Earth, became chief and continued waiting for the Black Robes. He "sang the joyous song of the prophecy and continued the solstice celebration as his father had instructed."

In June of 1862, a group of Jesuit brothers arrived in their area, and Twisted Earth greeted them with joy and sorrow, tears streaming down his face. He was happy that the Black Robes had finally arrived to tell the rest of the story about Jesus, but he was saddened that his father had not lived to see the prophecy fulfilled.

[Adapted from Catherine Feher-Elston, Ravensong: A Natural and Fabulous History or Ravens and Crows (Tarcher, 2004), pp. 68-69; source: Margie Haack, "Final Notes," Notes from Toad Hall (Winter 2013)]]

The message that was given to the world at just the right time eventually spread to an Indian tribe waiting on the message to be delivered. The message was about Jesus Christ, a man, but also God who lived and died among. He lived a life free from sin. He was put to death on a Roman cross and His death paid the ransom for all sin for all time. Jesus defeated death rising back to life the 3rd day after His death. His resurrection showed us that we too can have eternal life. It still holds true today that �This is the message God gave to the world at just the right time.� If you have not heard this message � maybe it is time to listen to this message that was given at just the right time.