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Which site do you think requires the least effort for the best results? Match? Tinder? Something else?

I'm nowhere near ready to do online dating, but I've enjoyed reading your thread. I heard Tinder is only for "hookups". My friend's little brother said his college friends use it for booty calls. That freaks me out! I decided I'd be staying FAR away from Tinder. Lol

BW (me)-31
WH - 33
M - 5 years
DD 3 years old
EA/PA - 5/2013
D-day - 6/29/2013. He refused NC.
I moved out with DD 9/2013.
Sold our home and made divorce arrangements.
Plan B - 12/8/2013
FR - 1/2014-3/2014
Divorced 4/2014