Acts 20:24 (NLT)
24 But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus�the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.

Here the apostle speaks humbly about himself. He considers his life only worthy of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the Good News of salvation offered to man through God�s grace and mercy just for accepting they are sinners in need of the redemption Jesus provided on the cross.

It�s not always easy to share your faith with other people. Sometimes you fear rejection. Sometime you fear the person might even get hostile. However, most of the time people are pleasant and will thank you or at least acknowledge your efforts.

I have a friend and he uses every opportunity to talk to someone about Jesus. If there was a hitchhiker walking down the road, he would stop and pick them up just to have their undivided attention as he drove and talked about the salvation of Jesus Christ.

One day he was riding down the highway and saw and old country store. He pulled in to get something to drink. As he walked inside he noticed he was the only white person inside. He doesn�t know if it was because he started to talk about Jesus, or he was just an unwelcome stranger, but he found himself being thrown out the screen door. He picked himself up, dusted off, and drove away.

A couple of weeks later he was passing through the same area and saw a man hitch hiking. As my friend usually did he picked up the man so he could talk about Jesus. However this conversation was different. The man stopped him and said, �Aren�t you that white guy that got thrown out of the country story a few weeks back.� My friend replied that he was. Then the man said, �Man you got some courage walking in there like that trying to tell people about Jesus. I want to know some more about Him because obviously He is someone very important to you.�

In the conversation my friend led the man to know Jesus, His mercy, grace and love; along with the salvation that comes from admitting to be a sinner and placing your faith in Jesus. This man became saved through the grace of Jesus and the determination of my friend to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

If you want to make your life worthwhile, learn to share your faith in Jesus with others. Help others to know Christ that they can also share their faith with others.