Elaina7, thanks for the link. I will read and try to learn.
I have quit going places with him so he can't verbally attack me in the car. I don't think he realizes that's why but it sure has made my life happier.
I also leave the room or house if we're at home and he gets angry. I've also reduced my talk time on the phone to him to bare basics. He got mad at me at first (and probably still is) but I told him it's because you're always getting angry at me.
At this point, I prefer not to see him at all though I do like to know he's ok and don't mind cooking supper and doing my normal chores. I avoid being in the same room as him for the most part but in the mornings we make small talk a little. I don't want him to think I'm "angry" with him but I do want him to know there is something wrong. I no longer tell him I love him. I feel like I'm lying. I am committed to him but romantic love isn't there. (Kinda hard to want to hug on someone who has hurt you so many times and doesn't want to see it.)
He also seems to think I can live with just a kiss goodbye and a date night once every 3 to 6 months. NOT. Anyway...I'm just rambling now. I'm sure there are many other ladies who are going through the same thing. I'm sad they are but happy to find folks that understand and are willing to offer help. It is such a blessing. Praise the LORD!

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