Wife in 30+yr marriage. Somewhat familiar with MB as I have read and tried to implement some years ago but H wasn't interested. Of course marriage is no fact worse with his Angry Outbursts. (not physical, only verbal)
I've withdrawn myself from him but still carry on daily life. (homemaker and keep the grand kid several days a week while the kids work.) He hasn't had an AO's since I've limited my communication time and face time with him. I'm considering moving out but it will most likely take several months at least to make arrangements and I don't want to unless I really have to.

SO...any advice for getting him to agree to do the course and really do it? (Not just go through the motions) I like the online course as it has some accountability and I'm not the "mean guy" making sure everything gets done right. H is not honest all the time and is very good at saying what he thinks people want to hear so needs someone to hold him accountable.

And just because this post sounds so cold.....I'll say this...I've been through this verbal abuse for years and most of the time can put up a tough front. I also know that I have made many mistakes (disrespect to him) that have a huge impact on the overall picture. Bottom line: Now is the time for change. Not because I look forward to all the work involved either way, staying or going but because I can't live this way anymore and be healthy emotionally or physically.

currently enrolled in the online program with coach