BrainHurts: I did and thank you.
I didn't know it but that's my response to H's AO's.
I don't say a word then I get where I can not hear him. (Unless I can't like in a moving vehicle. Thus the reason I don't want to go anywhere with him.)
However, after the last really bad one (Where he yelled that he wished I just leave and find someone else) I did come back in the house (after I'd had some time to cry and pray in the barn) and told him how hateful that was and totally uncalled for. (I was so stressed out I don't remember my exact words but felt God helped me speak the truth in love instead of blasting away with some hotheaded response.) I think I asked him if he was trying to make me leave because that's what it felt like.
I've asked him before if there's someone else and he says there isn't. I believe him because his job takes most of his time and he has back issues that seem to decrease his drive. I wondered about online porn but he doesn't seem to be trying to hide anything from me. He knows to delete history when done browsing but he's not what I'd term "computer savvy" so if there are other ways to check/monitor I could try them. (I would have to learn what to do as I've not done anything like it before.)
He's not being hateful to me now. In fact seems to be making a little more effort now to "spend time" with me. (a few minutes before he goes to bed) and keeps telling me he loves me once a day or so even though I seldom return the words.

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