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Oh common...I know there are women on here who have successfully completed the MB training material with a reluctant husband and perhaps even some hubbys on here who were slow to agree but are glad they did?!

I think the only thing one can do is try to sell it to them. I mean, what is in it for him Shine? Does HE want a better relationship or is he just fine with the way things are?

What kind of things would you know that would temp him? It is different for everyone so only you may know this. (Such as my H really wanted a say in my spending & with this program... He got to have a say)

If tempting them wont work.... Then the only alternative is separation.

I was in the online course and can already tell you that Dr Harley would tell you to see a lawyer just in case but to kick HIM out of the marital home with a letter detailing that he must seek anger management now before anything else will be addressed. That you should plan on this taking at minimum a year just to practice his new habits.
This is what I did.
Change the locks, pack a bag for him & leave a letter for him outside the house. Then if he blows up- call the police.
Legally he would still have to take care of you but it would be up to him to find a place to live.

Its just those 2: tempt him into it or kick him out. There are no other ways that work.

*just please don't "talk" and grovel/beg for it.... Even if he agreed by that- they wont follow through.*

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