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One other thought:
You should get a free consult with a lawyer...

You get half of all assets- half of all retirment, you will be entitled to his social security, maybe alimony and you might find yourself in a good position finacially where you can still help watch your grandaugter....

It is always a good idea to become educated on a decision that needs to be made (you arent filing, no paperwork just info gathering)
I think you would feel really good after you find out what you could walk away with.

And I would also put a keylogger on his computer.

Elaina7, Thank you for this input. You are right...before I make any decisions about finances it would be wise to know exactly where I would be in any given situation..(separation/divorce).
I'll look into the keylogger. I've heard of it but dont' know what it is.
BUT...I've had an answered prayer this weekend so....stay tuned. :-)

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