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Was this move in, move out his idea? Are you afraid of rocking the boat?

I have been so accustomed to not "rocking the boat" for so long.... And yes, that is a very accurate description with why I continue texting, etc. But the house thing I honestly did in the best interest of our kids.

The goal and purpose of separation is to become emotionally separated and if changes are not made, to be prepared to be divorced. What you are doing is not separation at all. You still live together, text each other, etc.

What is best for your kids is for their parents to be separated because of the emotional toll on their mother. What you are doing is most likely to result in divorce. This separation was intended to give you a better chance.

THAT is in the best interest of your children. Will your husband move out and let you stay there full time with the kids? If you are so concerned about the kids sleeping in their beds at night, your H could just take them out on playdates like most divorced couples do. For example, he could take them on Saturday afternoon and WEdnesday nights, but bring them back home at 8pm.

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