Well, exactly. Obviously someone has reset our router, and obviously that someone is my husband. Unfortunately, I have discovered via many calls to individual ISPs, router manufacturers, and independent tech support providers, that there is NO WAY, short of physically blocking access to the router RESET button (superglue the button, lock the router in a cabinet, etc.), to prevent the RESET button being pressed, thereby restoring the equipment's factory settings, which wipe out any filters, DNS re-routing instructions, etc., that a person has put in place. Again, if anyone reading this has a technical solution, I would be delighted to hear it. This appears to me to be an insoluble technical problem, and I think people should be aware of it when they pay such services as OpenDNS in the hope of definitively and permanently blocking access to objectionable material. Ain't no such thing.

That is the technical problem. The other problem is a social/relationship problem, which I own as mine. I have no trouble whatever putting a halt to objectionable behavior in the moment. Meaning I have no trouble with saying, loudly and in the presence of others, such things as "Get your hand off my butt." I have a bit more trouble addressing less immediate issues, particularly those that must be raised with people with whom I wish to maintain reasonably good relationships. My husband for example.

You're right, though. I have to speak up directly to him, and I plan to do exactly that, earliest. I'll let you all know how it goes if anything seems worth reporting.

ETA: Basically, this means that I am going to have to tell him to keep his mitts off the router, and explain exactly why. I will certainly do this, albeit with some hesitation because it's just uncomfortable.

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