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Thank you for keeping me straight. I get it now about the judges. Yes, I have been wandering all. I will now focus on the following most important issues for my testimony next week.(What I have done and what she has done wrong.)

1. health issues of the children
2. education of the children
3. welfare of the children
4. Her affair
5. abuse
6. house
7. finances

In the testimony I will present each and everything by word and back it by evidence.

With respect to items 1, 2, 3 what are you asking for? I cheer you on if you want full custody but the only thing that matters in this regard is item 3. What evidence are you planning to present to support your claim? Generally judges look to whatever arrangements are in place and make them permanent.

For item 4 I presume you are using the 2011 no fault law? If so, her adultery is not relevant.

For item 5 domestic abuse is a criminal issue, not a civil one.

Item 6, the house is part of the finances. If the house is a marital asset, you will need an appraisal. Then it gets divided with all the other marital assets.

3 adult children
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Now remarried, thank you MB
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