We took a three week honeymoon. We flew into Denver and started with a week of skiing and snowmobiling at Copper Mountain.

Then we drove to the Grand Canyon for a few days and a mule ride to the bottom of he canyon, then 3 days in Las Vegas, before returning to Colorado to spend a few days at Vail and dinner at Beano's Cabin. It is a restaurant only accessable by sliegh ride under the moon light. They gave us blankets to keep us warm for the ride and guess who we shared our blanket with? Dr. Ruth and her husband. She was a real card. The day before we went back to Denver we bought a cheap sled and joined a bunch of locals on a hillside. I ended up with broken sunglasses and a huge fat lip.

We spent two days in Denver at a quaint little bed and breakfast before flying home to Florida.

. I walk the recovery path too, ... but I walk alone. HOW 'BOUT THEM STEELERS! . I've finally realized now, that you just have to keep breathing. Tomorrow the sun will rise, and who knows what the tide will bring. Tom Hanks (Castaway, 2000)