"I have just been unfaithful to my wife for the second time with the same woman. I know
that I am still in love with my wife and want to know the true reasons why someone in love
with there wife could do such a hurtful thing over.
Just to let you know about the other woman. she is a coworker of mine. we started out
talking to each other about personal things and it went crazy from there. the second time
it was a little bit different. She lost a family member and I was a friend of the spouse I felt
sorry about the loss and asked to tell the uncle that if he needs any help to let me know.

With that the phone calls started again and the feelings again. I knew what was going on
but could not stop and turn the other way."

Dear LB,
I've read your post several times, and I still don't understand. You've asked for solutions, but what are the questions or problems you really want to address?

I think it would be helpful if you would write out the questions you want to ask. What do you see as problems? It is not a problem, after all, that your wife has reacted badly. It's an understandable response to your affair.

I promise not to pound on you!