<BR> <BR> <P><BR>When the terrors of the night take hold<BR>And I finally awake,<BR>I look to find you by my side.<BR>The fears within dissipate<BR>And thoughts I search from so long ago.<BR>When feelings were were so much more so.<BR>But as I rerun my memories,<BR>Those feelings come back to me.<BR>Of when I'd return from far away<BR>And how you'd smile and softly say:<BR>I'm glad my Beau is back.<BR>It would make me feel so important<BR>That it was I you wanted by your side<BR>So when things become difficult <BR>And I feel as though I may need to bolt,<BR>I look back upon the strength you showed<BR>When I gave you so much less<BR>And always left everything a mess.<BR>I your trials did so increase<BR>That you still me tried so to please.<BR>I feel so greatful for what you did<BR>I want to stay and with you to live.<BR>For all the rest of the days of my life<BR>With you by my side as my wife.<P> <BR>