Today is our wedding anniversary and I hope is a major step to our recovery, we have both been the betrayer and the betrayed. This is part of her anniversary present.<P>The sun sets along the horizon,<BR>as I dream of loving only you.<BR>The view is intoxicating,<BR>when tinges of pinks blend with soft blues.<P>A breath falls gently upon my cheek,<BR>I savor the softness of your kiss.<BR>With so much passion yet so certain,<BR>true love gracefully flows through your lips.<P>My heart starts to race and quickly pound,<BR>as a warm chill spreads over my skin.<BR>Immense feelings of passion and love,<BR>delicately touch me deep within.<P>I carefully caress your cheek,<BR>as I bring your lips closer to mine.<BR>The sense of love is overwhelming,<BR>our lips join again as if for the first time.<P>With newly found strength I embrace you,<BR>As our hearts soar the heavens above.<BR>The all-mighty eagles fly with us,<BR>as we experience the renewal of our love.<P>My heart has yearned for your tenderness,<BR>since the moment my soul was born.<BR>Now that our bond has been rediscovered,<BR>it is you I will always adore.<BR><P>------------------<BR>Mark A. Brewer