Another of mine,

Father, I thank You for loving me. Your Words says You sent Your only Son to die for me while I was yet a sinner. You Lord are my hope, my bright future comes from You.

Nothing can remove me from Your hand. You are my Father, my shield and my stong high tower, my safe refuge in times of trouble. I run to You oh God. You heal all the wounds this world inflects on my spirit.

Father , Thank You that You love me so muh you have carved me in the palm of Your Hand. I know that everyday You think of me, I am special in your sight no matter what my circumstances.

Oh Lord, You and You alone are worthy of my praise, I give my offering of Thanksgiving to You, I lift my voice in prayer and song unto You, with my lips I will praise You, all the days of my life. For You are the One who gives me life everlasting.

In Jesus name, amen

Just call me - Deb
The only day I can do anything about is today, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not yet mine.