Last night was Date Night!!!

We've gotten to spend lots of time on the phone with each other, but not as much in person, so we planned a special night, of sorts.

I have been sooooo sick, sneezing and sniffling and staggering around in a mucosal haze, so going out anywhere was pretty much out of the ACHOOOOO question. Add a thick coat of ice on the roads, and we would have stayed home in any case.

The kids went to spend the night at Mom & Dad's house, and I dashed home to start cooking a yummy Mexican dinner. After cranking the oven on, I started to change into some pretty clothes for our date.

As it turned out, I just ended up cooking in flannel pajamas. blush Funny how that worked out.

We had enchiladas, fried rice with chiles, watched a movie, and I was out cold by 9:30, under the influence of a full dose of night-time Theraflu. Ok, so date night doesn't mean exactly the same thing as when I was 25, but it was fun while I lasted. grin

That it happened on the 6-yr anniversary of D-day was only coincidence. That was another lifetime ago.

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
~ English proverb

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