Thank you Melody

So today BF drops kids off at end of drive, then he forgets DD blanket so he comes back 1 hour later, beeps horn in drive, I got daughter to go out.

Then he sends me a text message asking if I got the blanket which I ignored, then he sent another one saying he is worried that it might blow away please respond and let me know. I ignored both.

BF does not like Plan B.

BF also heard through the children that I had a babysitter Friday and can she please let me know that if I ever need a sitter then he will help. Er no thanks it’s my night with the kids.

Everyday there is something. Want to shout at him, you wanted it like this not me!!!!! It’s awful for me, but for him he hardly gets to see the children, loses his home and has to face people with the shame of his affair.