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Thank you Melody

It was hard coming off his social media it all feels so final.

The only other way is via text (he text me 2 times yesterday) which I ignored. I am worried though that if I block him he might need to contact me in an emergency re the kids?

I can’t think of any other ways??

If he has an emergency, he needs to call the POLICE or an ambulance. If he wants to get a message to you, it has to be through your IM. Plan B means NO contact, not limited, in order to even be effective. You need to close ALL avenues of contact. I am so surprised you still have all these open avenues.

How do you expect him to take this seriously if you don't? It seems like you are not serious and are using this half baked "Plan B" to give him the cold shoulder. That is the worst possible plan. Dr Harley calls this type of PLAN C, which is the worst possible plan.

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