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Thanks for sending me this thread on Plan C.

I guess I have left doors open as I am worried about how he feels - will it make him less likely to contact me again ect.... Also I remember when my sister and brother in law separated, they stayed on friendly terms and that was how the rebuilt the marriage. It all feels so final.

The only contact left is my mobile number.....i will block that too frown

I am putting so much trust in this plan. I know that if I had stayed friendly he definetly would have come back.

My son cried again tonight -

Daddy is sad, why won't you let him home?
I said Daddy doesn't want to come home DS.
He does I can tell he does. He is so sad, he tells us he is sad when we are not there, and he is not the same with us at the temporary house as he was when he was at home. He was so much happier.
What if he never comes back? frown

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