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If you want to reconcile like you stated in your plan B letter, you might want to hold back with the going out and flirting. You seem to light up when you get attention from other men (also attention from BF friend who does the home improvement doesn't leave you untouched).

If reconciliation is your plan, don't flirt or get emotionally close to other men. Easiest way to fall for another is when you are a dry veggie in the dessert. Any drop of water will do. First get your life in order. When the dust settles (give it 2 years) and reconciliation has not been the result, decide what kind of partner you want.

Thanks for posting Goody2Shoes

I just don't know if I can do it anymore frown. This is a man who never wanted to marry me, who told me that he has not been happy with me since DD was born (6 years), who has been meeting up with some woman behind my back, has anger issues , doesnt want to go out and do things with me and is only nice to me when he is drinking. The to top it all off when I asked him to leave after finding out about this affair, tells me he was planning to move out anyway because I would remind him of his affair for the next 20 years and things 'haven't been right anyway'. I mean how much more can I take?

I just want move on now. Going out at the weekend did remind me that there are other men out there. I mean I am just wasting time here, not that I want another relationship far from it, but seriously don't I deserve better?

And seriously, like he has been taking another woman out for lunches/dinners and whatever else whilst I have been sat at home, looking after the house/kids...Him knowing full well that I REALLY wanted him to take me out as I mentioned it often?

So what would he have to say if another man took me out...I mean really?!

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