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Just curious.. What is the longest period you were single? Long enough to know what/who you really want? Or did you roll into the next relationship when someone seemingly suitable paid attention? Find out what you want this time.

I am seriously not interested in getting into a relationship with ANYONE I honestly could not think of anything worse. I was more thinking of just having some harmless fun going out and dating and stuff on the nights the children are at BFs. However, practically I do not need that complication in my life right now.

You have picked up on the fact that yes I am a little weak willed and roll into relationships based on past relationship hurt and times pressures such as biological clocks ect!! However I did truly fall in love with BF and had been single for a year before I met him. I feel no pressure now and if things dont work out with BF i really just want to enjoy this time time being single and sifting through a few suitors. When the time is ready ofcourse.

I just have felt with all this heartache I want to go out and have a little fun. I am fed up of moping. You have one life and all that.....

Thanks again, Goody2shoes. Are you from the UK by the way? Sometimes you post early?

Thank you, Cool B.