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One thing that always happen is that when the WS sees that the BS is moving on perhaps dating or even thinking they are dating is they come running back.

Yes but you do not want the old BF back!

It is going to take a year, maybe more, for him to see that he has to actually dig in and make changes to himself. He might never get there but you need to give it a chance.

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I have eaten a whole pot of olives and glass of red wine whilst writing this! Kids are at BF house tonight, so having a quiet evening of bath, fire on, Netflix and early bed zzzzzzzz.

That's more like it!

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Just want to say thank you all for being here the last few weeks. I am not sure how I got through it, but this place saw me through some really dark days and I am hoping this sense of normality stays with me for a little while.

We have all been there. It gets better from here, it really does.

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