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Yes but you do not want the old BF back!

It is going to take a year, maybe more, for him to see that he has to actually dig in and make changes to himself. He might never get there but you need to give it a chance.

I am under no time pressures. I have my gorgeous children and thats all that matters is being a good mum to them. I think I am doing a pretty good job.

I am worried about my DS he is really struggling with the separation. He came home from football practise - saying I hate Daddy rand he was really upset. He said I am never living with Daddy!! I asked what the argument was about and he wouldn't tell me. We hugged for about 15 minutes. He is such a dear boy. I am worried why my son wont tell me. I didnt bug him i just let him have a cuddle.

Thank you Living_Well smile