I had a babysitter booked for a few hours last night and went for dinner with a girl friend at work.

I dropped DS off at football practice and then BF dropped him back home. DS told BF that I had a babysitter and was going out for dinner. Apparently BF got mad and made some comment saying about me probably going out for dinner with another man and DS said he got all jealous so told him he is probably out with one of her girlfriends Dad.

I am also getting a lot of pressure through the kids about not responding to text messages/calls ect...

I was feeling really good about things this morning and very strong and not feeling guilty AT ALL about blocking phone contact. Also at peace that unless he meets the terms of the letter then there is no point as it wont work anyway!

I had a chat with my babysitter when I got home, it was like she had been on a MB course or something and was spouting out exactly what you guys have been saying. That I shouldn't have anything to do with him and that the ball is in court and he knows what he has to do. She was laughing at some of his antics.

Then got these messages through from IM;

1. BF heard that you had babysitter and that DS asked BF why Daddy wasn't looking after them and DS was upset. That BF would like to babysit the kids when I go out.

2. He would like to take both kids to Wembley to watch football on Sunday 5 April and have them overnight the night before.

Can't help but feel upset, we had flights booked for the Caribbean on the 4th April. Also I haven't sat down and done the schedule yet. I am thinking like Living_Well said just agree and don't let him needle me. I would love to respond actually we are off to the Caribbean so can't....LOL.

Also is he saying that everytime I go out that he should have the kids overnight or come to the house????? This is ridiculous because I go out after I have put them to bed and I am with them in the morning when they wake up.


Maybe it is happening. Maybe he is realising I am serious now and getting annoyed.

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