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He would like to take both kids to Wembley to watch football on Sunday 5 April and have them overnight the night before.

Can't help but feel upset, we had flights booked for the Caribbean on the 4th April. Also I haven't sat down and done the schedule yet. I am thinking like Living_Well said just agree and don't let him needle me. I would love to respond actually we are off to the Caribbean so can't....LOL.

Don't roll over and don't let him needle you either. Wait till you have talked to the solicitor tomorrow. At this time you do not know whether the holiday is even possible because you do not know that you can prevent him from showing up. If it is workable, you will calmly sit the children down and let them decide which they would like to do. I'm guessing holiday which means IM will relay 'sorry, not available'.

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Also is he saying that everytime I go out that he should have the kids overnight or come to the house????? This is ridiculous because I go out after I have put them to bed and I am with them in the morning when they wake up.

Tell your IM not to relay silly stuff to you.

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