I am going to speak to the solicitor about it Thursday about the head banging incident.

Kids came back from Dads on Thursday evening. BF cried on the Wednesday when they arrived and cried on the Thursday when they left. He also got DS to text me on the Thursday asking if they could stay longer. I sent a polite message back to DS saying that I would like to stick to the schedule.

When I picked them up from BFs they seemed quite angry saying to me why couldn’t we stay at Dads longer. DS also had an outburst saying I am a control freak, i found out that this is what BF had called me. I know all of this behaviour is because they have been manipulated by BF. I am getting good at the transition back from Dads. I usually take them for an ice cream let them vent and don’t get drawn into any discussions/accusations. Then the next day they are fine.

I haven't seen or spoken to BF for a few weeks now. Still feeling strong. I know that BF does not like the schedule at all. This is the consequence of his decision. I know he is also panicking that DS is not getting enough football training. Another consequence.

Feeling so sad it’s come to this and it all feels too far away to get back.