Thanks LW.

I thought as much. I said no to his request stating I would like to stick to schedule.

Children were with BF all day Weds & Thurs and they are with him all this weekend frown.

It’s really awful, and I feel for them so much having to come and go between houses. It’s exhausting for them.

I am not wallowing I am keeping myself busy with walks, bike rides and house stuff. I went on a socially distanced walk a girlfriend who I hadn’t seen in awhile. I didn’t talk about BF at all and when she asked something I just said, I don’t really want to talk about it as I don’t have contact with him anymore. It felt good.

Opened up our mortgage statement this morning and found that BF had been paying off huge chunks of the mortgage during last year. It’s such bizarre behaviour, on one hand he seemed to pull away on the other hand he wouldn’t be paying extra off the mortgage if he wanted to move on. So weird. It makes me think more and more it was a power play for him about having control and me be the one begging him to come home. Also had a call from a builder following up about a balcony extension. Apparently he wanted to start that too but he never told me about it either. Such crazy confusing behaviour!