BF is managing to drive me crazy and that’s even without any contact. His quest to needle / provoke me is to such an extent that when the children come back from his I just wait for them to tell me ‘something’.

Today the children said - Mummy your not going to be upset are you but Daddy has booked the zoo hotel for us in June. Now I took the children on my own last year and we had the most amazing 2 days were wonderful things happened. When BF and I reconciled I told him all about it and we even talked about booking it again.

Now I should perhaps be thinking that isn’t it good he is doing nice things with the kids? Instead all I can think is he knew how much I wanted us all to go back as a family. Now he is taking the kids back without me frown

Someone please tell me why he seems to be doing lots of things that I asked him to do before we split up and now he is doing them?