No matter what I say or do I just feel totally broken. I am nowhere near as bad as I am last year but I am just so so sad.

I am devastated at what he has done to us, I find even more bizarre that he would do things to provoke me on top of the pain I already have.

Even more bizarre that this is part of me still pangs for him which is even worse than everything else.

I feel he has abandoned us and also continues to punish me.

He also publicly shames us, he couldn’t have moved anymore central and from what I gather is publicly posting regularly on Facebook about his ‘wonderful new single life’.

BF never forgave his Dad for leaving his mum (his mum also had angry outbursts) and his mum attempted suicide after his father left. Yet I ended the relationship due to drugs, alchohol, cheating and angry outbursts and he punishes me for doing so. He was so angry with his dad that he wouldn’t talk to him for years. Yet he is behaving far worse.