the people I admire the most are the ones who fell

and then GOT BACK UP

it is our struggle that defines how strong we will be

I love people who fall & struggle ... and then with courage they grow into a soulful & strong creature .... because they struggled

I get tired of people who ask about "the easy way"
people who want to NOT struggle with the big issues in life

THAT'S what we're here for !!!

I embrace your struggle Becca ... it will change you in ways you are not even guessing it ever could

as PureBob says: all blessings


Likewise, the people I admire are those who suffered great devastation and used it for growth, used it for becomming incredible people.

They say that at no other time in our lives will we have such opportunity for personal growth, change and creativity as we do after personal devastation.

I feel sorry for people who are never given struggles, or who run from them, or who use them to remain in victim mentality. I see them all the time, they are the ones who are petty, bitter, aging ungracefully, depressed, angry.

They say that God takes us to the desert and brings us to our knees for one reason...so we can hear Him. (to me that is symbolism for spiritual, emotional and mental growth...soul growth)

Good luck to you Becca! <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

All that quoting to say, "Ditto!"

Becca, during some time I had to browse on MB the other day, I went through your story. It is one of courage... and... the greatest love...

I admire your choices as you walked a path few of us truly understand... your journey is truly a "soul journey"...

God bless you and your family!