I am doing well. I do understand MEDC's point, and trust me, I have learned these very hard lessons. However, now I am choosing to see the blessings in all of this and one of them is most certainly OC. The truth is when I became pregnant, both men (BH and OM) had plenty of reasons to want this baby. OM thought the baby meant I would leave BH and BH thought the baby meant I would leave OM. They both told me this in several ocassions. However, once we knew the results for sure, it wasn't just about OC anymore, I had to think of my 2 other children as well. What was best for them, for me, for all involved. Frankly, until I accepted in my heart that the stability my children need could only be by me working on my M and letting the OM go, I was a complete confused mess myself.

Like MEDC says, I cannot longer concern myself with OM and his life. But I am still working on that. OC is a replica of OM and so it is going to be very hard for me to just put him completely out of my mind but at least now when I see her, I don't have a stabbing pain in my heart, but more of a peaceful feeling knowing this is what is best for her too.

So one day at a time........ BH is truly amazing. I am so grateful for him. He wants nothing more than for us to grow old together and that if one day OM reappears in OC's life, for that not to have ANY impact in our lives. Only time will tell.


WW (me) 36 BH 37 Married 16 yrs 3 children, 12DD, 4DD, 7 mths DD (OC) D-day 8/05 2nd D-day 10/05 *OC* 3rd D-day 6/08/06 DD *OC* born ~~ If I had known then what I know now ~~