from prayer to assuming the worse and trying to accept! It didn't help that I was PMSing too!! LOL!!

I guess this is where my "WS" status comes into play because no matter how strong my urge was to comfront him, acusse him and just totally blow my top off, I couldn't do it. I felt like I had NO RIGHT to demand any explanations, or that my expectations for him to be faithful didn't mean squat! Luckily, when we did talk he was able to reassure me without realizing that that's just what I needed.

During angry outbursts he had said a few times "I won't feel good about this unless I get the chance to f'ck a 25 yr old like you did" so those words kept going through my mind.... it was ugly. I cried a few days in a row while he was at work and of course I Would try to compose myself at night so he wouldn't notice. I think a lot has to do with the fact that now *I* am the one feeling insecure... I remember his tears to me last year so I Assume this is how he felt then (yes I know, how DARE I compare any of my pain to his?).... :-(

Anyway, I am SO grateful that he reassured me. I think if I had DEMANDED explanations or reassurance, things would have gone ugly but done in a "loving" way it all just came out natural.


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