Well, we had a discussion today and I mentioned the book. He kind of snarled and put it away. I still think he'll flip through it when I'm not home. Maybe I'm crazy.

The roller coaster ride continues! We've been getting along great since he got back in town and then this afternoon he had a depression-spell. I assured him that I understand that there will be times like that and I will stick by him no matter what. I apologized again and told him that the A was in no way worth any of what we're going through. He told me (nicely) to quit apologizing, that he knows I am sorry. He mentioned that maybe he should go find an apartment this weekend ... I asked him to please try to stay at home with DD and me so we can get through this together. He said we're only still together b/c of how much he's been traveling, but I kept thinking "no, you don't get it! we need to spend more time together". Anyway, by the time I got home, he was back in a good mood and we played and joked and enjoyed each other. He also said that he would like for us to spend time together as a family all day Sat. & Sun. This was great news, except I'd like to have some alone-time too! I guess when the little one goes to bed we'll have that time.

Happily Recovered from Double Infidelity! \:\)
DD1[about to turn 7]
DD2[due at X-mas]