K, I didn't understand he'd actually opened the email but the reasoning is the same. He's very probably not admitting the receipt in order to keep from introducing what he thinks might be a disruption in the way things are moving now.

Please do check into the counseling. You two need a professional counselor involved in this process so you can get your relationship beyond the next bump in the road, one that will surely come no matter how hard you two try to smooth things out.

BTW, your ability to joke about the adulteries is not unheard of, though it generally doesn't happen until far later in the process. I would think so long as you keep it light and non-accusatory, it's probably a healthy thing to do but there's also a possibility one or the other of you might hit a nerve someday without meaning to. You don't seem to need the advice, but be careful, okay?

Sounds like things are going very well, TFC, but please get with SH or a local, very pro-marriage counselor as soon as you can.