Okay, it's not just me being suspicious then. I actually see two possibilities: (1) The affair has been rekindled (or there is another OW, even a series of ONS), or (2) he has indeed checked out and is in the process of justifying it in his own mind and packaging it for public consumption. Either way, something is going on that is not clear right now. It'll become more obvious later, I'm sure.

The incident where he ran into the FOM was also the only thing I could see in your writing that would seem to be anything approaching a turning point. Perhaps seeing and talking with him brought back all of the frustration and pain WH experienced when he first learned of your affair? But why would he seem to stay in contact with FOM? Have you noticed any contact between them since last week?

I wonder if your IC could explain why WH and FOM might be reforging their friendship? It doesn't make sense to me.

I'm not terribly surprised you caught him off guard with a question about the date tomorrow. Something about the date really bothers me, but I'm frequently paranoid when there's something I don't understand.

Keep up the reverse babble and not allowing inappropriate remarks. Reverse babble can be a relaxing, even an amusing pastime...and it has an effect on the alien.

Hang in there, TFC.