Apparently the the compartmentalization began a while ago ... there was the illusion that it wasn't going on, but as I've found out that wasn't true. For instance, the 1st girl I was worried about (out of town) - apparently they'd been friends since September 2006 (before my A) and I never knew. The OW here in town, the one he def had an A with, she's been emailing him and stuff for over a year. So, I've realized that our M was even worse than I had originally thought! Its not a fun realization, but at least I can understand some things a little better because of finding all this out.

This weekend was good - we're getting along really well. But this is the big bday week and I know things could get really rocky here soon. I still don't know about going to the bday bash. I was invited once again, but he doesn't want me there so I think maybe its best to stay home.