Now that we are suppose to be working things out, my W has that and the porn, and the simple fact that the only reason that I am even here trying is because she pulled the rug out from under me. I did not come to this place of reasoning on my own accord. That is a big sign that I hadn't a deep enough love to come out of my shell and take charge of my marriage. My W says that REAL True Love would have shone itself through the trouble. That if I was in True Love, that the 20+ times she has given me to FIX THIS, that I never did, until now- when she is one foot out the door-6 yrs later.

Entire marriage has been disappointing, and I do not feel in a place of worth to even try much beyond these realizations.

Please respond with your opinions!

Engaged-1 yr.
Married-6 yrs.
Kids-4 and 6
W-3 yrs older
Young couple headed for 30.