A suggestion for future use, if a fellow employee of the opposite sex starts with her relationship problems, refer her to the company wellness program who, will, in turn refer her to a counselor. This has happened to my FWH and this was the path he took, and then he came home and told me about it. Next time I saw her socially, I asked if she and "Bob" were doing ok. This let her know that my H tells me everything. Just in case she was trying to make a play for him, this put her on notice to find another "knight" GF

GF, this is the BEST defense strategy I have seen yet for this situation. Brilliant. All of it. Thank you.

Husband was unfaithful to me before and after our marriage, at least 7 times. I found out 13 yrs into the marriage. Trickle truth for an entire year. Several different d-days, so it was more like a d-year. Difficult recovery.