You guys are great!

No there are certain times, obviously, that I would really like to have SF. But right now I'm cool with waiting. She pops off with the babble with stuff like "we need to move out of state". Yeah I have 25 year career here and I will just throw it away to run away to another state with a woman who says "I don't love you".

Also she just left to have coffee with her SIL. When she left she did come over and give me a kiss. The way it's been this week that was shocking.

As I said earlier, she read my journal. That may have worked out good. Although I was very nervious about her finding it.

BS (me) : 43yo
WW: 41 yo
married 17+ yrs
D-Day #1 ONS Aug 03
D-Day #2 Dec 5, 2007
Four kids: 14 yo Son, 11 yo Son, 7 yo Daughter, 5 yo son

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