Hi Fiori,

Actually 15 hrs isnt as hard as it sounds. At first I thought the same thing - WHAT?? 15 hours?!?! But if you break it down by day, it only comes out to a little over 2 hours a day.

We have two kids also, with busy schedules & activities. I am not sure how old your kids are but ours are 6th and 8th grade. They know one night during the week, its DATE NIGHT!
They go to their rooms to read or draw or whatever, and mom and dad either spend time in the living room or their bedroom - UNINTERRUPTED!

My H and I break up the 15 hours various ways depending on our schedules. And admittedly, some weeks its a bit less - but some weeks we can pack 15 + hours in!

Things we do:

Play scrabble
Go out to dinner (close to home)
Play the WII (new obsession - so interactive, fun and great exercise)
..and the obvious! <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

If you schedule in the time, just like you do with your kids activities, church functions, etc. on the calendar, its not so hard. We make the time non-negotiable!

Hope more people post some ideas for things to do, and ways to schedule it all in.

Good luck!

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