So ... um ... what are you doing about this?!! Are you trying to tell me that it's ok to LB as long as nobody knows about it? C'mon Dino, I'm not going to let you off easy on this one!

Dr. Harley calls LBing a "stupid and abusive strategy." You need to be working so hard on erasing all stupid and abusive behavior right now that you don't even have time to think about what your wife is doing or not doing.

Let's keep it simple. Get your brain back to focusing on YOU and what YOU need to do (which is stop LBing). That's it. When you completely stop ... then you may think about other things. Got it? Good.

Ok, so it looks like I have my focus for the next couple of weeks, at least through our trip to Hawaii. The last couple of days have really been kind of different. I really went into a different state. I was cursing her under my breath big time. I'm starting to get a little short in the patience department. It's been 7 months since she's been home. I haven't had sex in almost 15 months and it's getting to me. Should I share this with her? I asked her when we had had our talk if she ever thought about sex, she said not in the least, and then she said, "I guess I don't have to ask you, do I?". So she knows what I need, she is choosing to ignore it or she really doesn't care.

Anyway, I have my project. It's not hard to keep my head straight about that kind of stuff. I pretty much just let myself go astray for awhile. It didn't do me any good so it shouldn't be hard to stop.

Thanks for the shake up!

FWH/BS (me)42, FBS/WW 39, married 18 yrs, WW A discovered 3/03/2008, my A discovered 06/2003