I’m not your average woman living an average life,
I saw what I wanted so I took a slice.
I’m not looking for approval for where I’ve been,
Your approval isn’t needed to absolve my sins.

Some call it love and some call it lust,
I call it pleasure when you call it rust.
If you think you can make a difference in me,
You better think twice, open your eyes and see.

Yeah, I’m a Taker,
I take what I want because it feels so good.
Yeah, you’re a Giver,
You give it to me like you know you should.

I take my men poor, ignorant and young,
I take my men dark, mysterious and hung.
We talk about things far from my life at home,
I help them with their rent and then they "F" my bones.

Then I bid them goodbye and I send them off packing,
with my Taker in control and my lust not lacking.
I’ve got to get home and put dinner on the table,
I’ve got to show my husband that we are stable.

So let me Take,
My needs are many.
And you can give,
Every last penny.

So if you’re lookin’ to lay a little guilt on me,
Don’t be barking up this withered old tree.
I’ve traveled way past your moral lesson,
You must not have noticed with who your mess’n.

And at the end of my life with my children all grown,
Far past my guilt and the love I’ve thrown
Most think that these many years I was giving,
None know the truth of this lie I’ve been living.

I don’t care, because I’m a Taker,
I take his love without remorse.
Because he don’t care, he’s a Giver,
He never knew who I really was of course.

Take a look at me I’m a Taker,
Living my life in an empty hole.
All these years he’s been a Giver,
May God have mercy on my soul.

May God have mercy on my soul………

"You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows," Bob Dylan