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I think the best way to avoid having to ask the above question is to come up with hypothetical situations, in advance, together, on how to best handle such situations should they occur. Then you don't have to second guess yourselves or deal with hurt feelings. I think your handling of the situation was fine...but I'm not married to you so my opinion means nothing.

If OW is in your hometown shopping this could happen again. What will you do? What should you do...say, if you are alone and OW see's you first and approaches you?

I like that idea about working through hypothetical situations, thanks for that.

I do not think that OW is a permanent feature of our town, she has strong ties to another town, she has some friends in our town so I guess she visits from time to time. So, what I'm saying is, the chances of running into her in town are slim, but not zero. So we still need to have a plan but we don't need to panic ourselves about it.

I loved the idea about the whistle too, whistle