Yikes. I read this thread and I wonder if I have the same problem. Of course, I haven't spent like I have read about Mrs. Hold but I've been known to make a purchase or two that I *know* is not in the budget. And then I beat myself up over it and figure out how to earn the extra $$$ to cover for it.

Example: Last year, I was thinking about buying a flat screen hi def TV for the house for Christmas (a present for everyone). I would have loved to have a 52" really fancy big name brand model (even though I dont' want TV..LOL) but did some research and found a lesser brand, 37" for something far less than $500 (vs the $2500 on the TV I was drooling over...)

Then I did some more research and realized I could purchase it through my employee's program with several different retailers and get a 10% discount. But I had to put it on that card (the only specific credit card I own...I have ONE visa which I use for emergencies, and THIS one retailer card).

So...I did it.

But then I went into my online banking and set up automatic payments over 4 months that fit my budget and allowed me to pay off the TV. I got 90 days interest free so I did wind up paying some interest on the 4th month.

Still, it *was* an impulse purchase and I've been known to do that from time to time.

I wonder how people really are able to be so disciplined to stick to a budget. I know what I did is a far cry from Mrs. Hold but the smaller things add up and I wonder if I too contributed to our financial state of affairs.