Had a very nice weekend in NYC with Mrs. Hold and the kids. Watching the ball drop from Central Park is much more comfortable than waiting 6 - 8 hours in Times Square. And they do a huge fireworks show in Central Park at midnight (lasted 20 minutes). Amazing to hear the booms bounce back on forth off the tall buildings on both sides of the park.

Took the kids to 2 comedy shows (not standup but humorous). I think they liked being treated like "grown ups".

No sex but that is to be expected given my decisions and behaviors. At least we had good parking Karma - found a free spot Wednesday and a meter spot on Saturday so it only cost $6.50 to park in Manhattan for 4 days!

And the good karma also applied in CT. Got up at 6 am Saturday to drive S15 to 8:00 am basketball practice. We had been complaining for days that the coach scheduled that practice. But thank God he did. I dropped off S15, then went home to get clean socks for Mrs. Hold. House was frigid. Apparently we ran out of oil even though we pay to have them refill monthly. Called the office and they sent someone out right away. Much better to discover the lack of oil at 9:00 am Saturday when everyone is working than at 6:00 pm on Sunday night. Came home to a toasty warm house yesterday afternoon.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and best wishes to all for the New Year.

When you can see it coming, duck!