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MRS W Your lack of consideration also landed you and your husband here too!!!!!!!!!! So that makes you a better person than me ,well be it if thats what toots your horn but I dont want to argue who is right or wrong,who is a better person or what ever. I am here to learn how to be a better person,husband and father as the technics on this site will do that.I have already stated that or situation did not start out with the ideal circumstances but I cant do anything about the past NOW

You are RIGHT - I did get here by not considering others - here is where I learned to consider MY HUSBAND - here is where I learned of all the damage that adultery causes and what to do to fix what I had destroyed...I learned to repair my MARRIAGE here at MARRIAGE BUILDERS...

It is NOT a place to learn how to fix an AFFAIR...That is what you are doing, dsd...This is NOT "AFFAIR BUILDERS"...

Mrs. W

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