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MrsW so with 5:32 are we going to go with gods law or mans law? many times they dont work together. So there seems to be so many gods on here!

Uhhhhh...HUH? Scripture is the word of God, dsd...I don't know what else to tell you...I'm not a fan of the "my truth"/"your truth" kind of baloney...After all, there is only THE TRUTH...That being said, THE TRUTH is your "relationship" is ADULTEROUS...

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We will all be judged one day so lets not do it here.

When someone says something to the effect of your above quote, I will, for the rest of my life, think of something Pep said here once - I wish I had the link for her exact words...Here's my very liberally paraphrased version:

Ever notice that people only trot out the "Don't judge me" card when doing something they know they should be judged for?

For instance, you never hear anyone say...

"I do volunteer work with the homeless. DON'T JUDGE ME!"

"I eat healthy foods, and feed the same to my children. DON'T JUDGE ME!"

"I read to my child every night. DON'T JUDGE ME!"

Personally, now when I hear or read the words "DON'T JUDGE ME!", it is a flashing neon sign saying "JUDGE ME", so I reach for my gavel...stickout

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I was not blaming my parents just stating the facts!!!!!

And the facts are that your parents made your adult life choices for you? Wow...okay...

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